Success of ‘Make in India’ of PM Modi Started to Grow in India

  • Taiwan’s contract manufacturing company, Viestan, started production of iPhone 7 devices in Bengaluru
  • Being an iPhone in India will reduce prices

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious plan, Make in India, has achieved great success. Apple has started to become the first iPhone in India under Make In India. The world’s leading mobile company Apple has started manufacturing iPhone SE and iPhone 6S in India as well as iPhone 7. Apple’s decision will increase trust for many of the leading global tech companies in India and they can move towards India in the coming days. The iPhone has indicated that the company is keen to develop India as a manufacturing hub.

Taiwanese company gets the contract

According to a media report, Apple said that we are proud that we are making an iPhone 7 in Bangalore for our local customers. This has strengthened our long-term commitment in India. Taiwan’s contract manufacturing company Vistner is making an iPhone 7 device from March in Bengaluru. The Wishern Bangalore plant is to be set up for iPhone SE and iPhone 6S. People closely related to the whole issue, however, deny this possibility that making iPhone 7 in India will reduce prices. They say that the use of saving in India will be used in aggressive sales and marketing.

5 thousand crore investment was approved by the government

Earlier, the government had approved to invest Rs 5000 crore for the expansion of its manufacturing plant. The purpose of this investment is to prepare Apple’s high-end device in India.

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