PM Modi has not only created history in India, but also in world

Whom do you consider the most powerful leader in the world? Trump, Putin, or Recep Erdogan, choose wisely because the fact we are going to put here can surely amaze you. Out of all these great leaders of developed and powerful countries, Narendra Damodardas Modi is the leader with the largest popular mandate in the world. If you all remember in 2014, then US President Obama, during meeting Modi in Myanmar during Asian summit, declared, “this man has the biggest electoral victory of all of us”. In 2019 this holds more accurate as Modi has much more vote than 2014.

Among the global elites, this holds much unique equity as leaders like Vladimir Putin are not nearly as secure as they seem. Neither is the president of the world’s largest economy, America, because Donald Trump is the US President with a slender margin. Modi is the only leader in the world who has a convincing victory in a democratic system.

Even Benjamin Netanyahu, Modi’s friend recently won tough Israeli elections securing a record fifth term for himself, managed a 65-seat majority with the help of smaller religious parties. He even joked about the same in his video congratulating Narendra Modi on his tremendous victory. Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Well, thank you for your congratulations on my victory, but there’s one difference: You don’t need a coalition, I do”. In recent victories, Joko Widodo in Indonesia is the only name that had a big victory in elections. Even Scott Morrison, who also called Modi to congratulate won the Australian election rather say Morrison barely made it to the victory.

 Most of the world leaders are also precariously placed, as in the UK, Theresa May is standing on a precipice over her Brexit deal. The only leader who is standing strong with a good support system is Xi Jinping, though he is in a different form of government.

If we conclude then it would not be wrong to say that Modi has not only come as a super power with maximum trust entrusted in him of the countrymen, but he also has the maximum support of all over the world and the voters here has made him the biggest electoral PM in the whole world.