ModiInIsrael — 8 Unique Features About Modi’s Anomalous Visit to Israel

“It is not every day that one meets a Prime Minister representing 1.2 billion people, one considered a superstar at home and abroad”

1. Benjamin Netanyahu Will Personally Receive Modi on Arrival

Benjamin Netanyahu_and_Modi

No person, apart from the Pope and US Presidents has had the honour to be received by an Israeli PM. It is one of the many firsts and one the most important gestures the host country and its leadership has showed over PM Modi’s visit to Israel.

2. Mass Rally with Indians Living in Israel


Jerusalem Post had reported that “Modi is expected to address 4,000 to 5,000 of these people when he holds a largescale event for their benefit Wednesday evening at the Tel Aviv fairgrounds”. It had also appreciated the fact that PM Modi considers the Indian Diaspora as a significant and valuable diplomatic asset.

3. Israel Newspaper Has a Special Section over Modi’s Visit


The Jerusalem Post, the biggest English Newspaper of the Israeli nation has dedicated a special section for Modi’s vists. What a welcome!

4. “इजराइल मे आपका स्वागत है” — Israelis Welcome Modi In Hindi

5. Israel’s PM Says — Under Modi Both Nations Got Closer


6. Friendship over Diplomacy — Meeting of Two Friends


Modi’s friendship with world leaders has been well known.


From Abe to Obama, then Trump and now Netanyahu, under Modi, India’s relationship with its most valuable friends has turned from being a diplomatic formality to a bond of friendship.

7. “Wake up: the most important PM of the world is coming” — Said Daily Newspaper “The Marker”

A feature story carried in the newspaper reiterated Modi’s 1.25 billion people remark and said, “Modi, a leader of 1.25 billion people enjoying massive popularity and representing one of the fastest growing economies of the world deserves a lot of attention.”

8. Modi is the First Indian PM to visit Israel


You all already know that, but do you know what it means for Indian Jews who migrated to Israel? This quote carried in a report by NDTV says it all.

“There’s not a single (Indian) household that’s not talking about it. This is all people are talking about,” said Elazar Ashtivker, owner of the Maharaja restaurant in the city of Ramla, south of Tel Aviv.

Just a Few Hours to Go


Keep_CalmWithin few hours, all the wait will be over and we will witness history being written by two powerful leaders of the world. Eyes open and fingers crossed, we hope the Indian PM makes this visit worth every word and mention it has had across the world.

Jai Hind!