Modi In Israel — More Than 8 Things You Need To Know

“How come it took us so long to reach out to one another other, probably because you need leaders and PM Modi is a real leader.”

“Our history stretches to 4000 years and yours stretches to 5000 years. It’s not just a physical visit, its a visit of hearts and minds of two great democracies and two ancient nations who are proud of their past,” said Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Arnab Goswami on Republic TV.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu_and_Modi

This defines a lot about Israel’s respect of cultural ties with the country. However, Mr. Netanyahu’s dissatisfaction was a little evident when he said, “How come it took us so long to reach out to one another other, probably because you need leaders and PM Modi is a real leader.”

Excitement of Israelis further catalyzed after Modi announced a direct Delhi-Mumbai-Tel Aviv flight. Moreover he said rules have been simplified for getting Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cards.


All of this was conveyed at the gathering of 5000-strong crowd of Indians at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre.

Bye Bye Vote Bank Politics

For long, India has kept ties with Israel under the carpet, so it should be noted that Modi’s visit to Israel is not only unprecedented, but also revolutionary and a break away from “vote-bank politics”, a concern that has haunted the leaders of this country hitherto.


Israel’s excitement over Modi’s visit was more than ordinary. A lot of histories were made and most extraordinary among them was a Chrysanthemum flower being named ‘MODI’.


What to say?!

Radical Islamic Terrorism — A Common Threat

On a serious note, its not just about the culture that unites Israel and India, but its also about the common threats propelled by radical Islamic terrorism. “We face a common threat to our common civilisation. We have decided to co-operate more intensively to battle the scourge that threatens the lives of Indians and Israelis and so many others around the world — this visit marks the turning point in that common struggle,” added PM Netanyahu.

A real life example of this is the Jew boy Moshe Holtzberg. He was about two years old when he lost his parents in the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 26/11, which was masterminded on Pakistan’s soil.

Mumbai_terrorist_attacks_of_26-11_and_PM Modi

PM Modi met Moshe, now 11 year old, to honour and revere his emotions on behalf of India. Moshe says Mumbai is his home and wants to return back after he grows up. PM Modi told him that a long term visa will be granted to him to stay and visit whenever he liked.

A historic moment it was, especially when Moshe greeted Modi by saying, “Aapka Swagat Hai Hamare Desh Mey”.

Coming to the most important aspect of this visit. Seven agreements has been signed overall and here’s everything you need to know about them.


Israel, a nation known for its technological advancement have come on board alongside India on special mission of innovation.

The Department of Science & Technology of India and National Technological Innovation Authority of Israel have decided to set up an industrial R&D and Technological Innovation front where both, India and Israel, can work together in advanced scientific developments.


MoU on National Campaign for Water Conservation in India

India, a nation with uncountable water resources and over 1.26 billion people has a lot to cover w.r.t its water conservation system. On the other hand, Israel has mastered the art of utilizing the maximum with minimum resources. It’s technology in agriculture and drinking water is a spectacle.


Keeping the following in mind, Modi initiated a deal with Israel to work on water conservation. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation and Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy & Water Resources of Israel.


In an interview with Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami, Benjamin Netanyahu talking about technology and innovation, had said that in Silicon Valley one mostly heard two terms, Hindi and Hebrew.

In a first, a State Water Utility Reform in India MoU has been signed between Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam (Govt of UP) and Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy & Water Resources of Israel.


The world has learned efficient agricultural techniques from Israel. From US to China, Israel has helped many major nations with agricultural technologies. India too has benefited from this over the years and the relationship in this sector has been taken to next level after Modi’s visit.

Plan of Action b/w ISRO and Israel Space Agency


Israel has been a fan of ISRO and its technological advancement. Israel has been using Indian rockets to put its satellites into the atmosphere. Here’s a list of plans that Indian Space Agency — ISRO and Israel Space Agency will be working on together.

a. Co-Operation in Atomic Clocks
b. MoU in GEO-LEO Link
c. Co-Operation in Electric Propulsion for Small Satellites


To enhance people-to-people interaction between the two countries, PM Modi announced that Indian Cultural Centre would be set up. Its unbelievable that we haven’t had one since independence even after Israel has been of major importance to this nation.

Noah Massil, founder President of Central Organisation of Indian Jews in Israel expressed that this decision will “fulfill a dream of the Indian community”.

Off The Radar

First Public Joint Air force Exercise

Joint Air force Exercise

As per reports, few months after PM Modi’s visit to Israel, Indian Air Force will join five NATO nations and Israel in a high profile air force exercise called Blue Flag.

For the first time ever, Indian military will holding such an exercise publicly with their Israeli counterparts.

All in all, the nation is happy with what has been achieved with Modi’s visit to Israel. It is historic and shall go a long way in forging new relationship with no foundations that have held back the mutual growth of these nations.