Modi Govt spent less on ads than UPA-2: Here’s what you should know

Contrary to what a lot of media and politician claim that PM Narendra Modi has spent more than the BJP government in ads, the data accessed by this newspaper shows the Narendra Modi government has released less advertisements than the earlier UPA-2 government.

According to official statistics the Congress-led UPA-2 government spent approximately 52 crore sq cm of advertisment space in its five-year tenure.

On the other hand, the BJP used approximately 47 crore sq cm in its four and a half years in power.

Government sources said the repeated claims by the Congress that the BJP was on a advertisement spending spree was nothing but a misinformation campaign against the Narendra Modi government. 

“If the rupee spending of the two tenures was converted into today’s rates, the UPA era’s spending would come out to be more,” a source said, adding that advertisement rates have gone up over the past few years. It was also noted that UPA-era government campaigns carried photographs of UPA chief Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and various ministers, and in some cases also photos of the Congress’ first family.

“Under the present NDA government, we have made a conscious effort to use advertisements as a tool for awareness creation and communication. We only print Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture and give details of schemes, their benefits and success stories,” the source added.

Furthermore, sources claim the “misinformation campaign” on the “huge spending” on the PM Modi’s fitness video also stands exposed by an RTI reply by the PMO who revealed about having spent a single rupee on the video.