Mob Lynching: Modi Government scrutinizing new laws to tackle the menace

With the increasing cases of mob lynching, the current dispensation led by PM Modi is working on new ways to tackle the egregious issue.

The government is mulling over amending the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and make mob lynching a penal offence.

Furthermore, the government it also reasoning to draft a new model law that the states can adopt  to tackle and prevent mob lynching.

The fact that social media led fake news has been at the center of this menace, the Central government is also considering to strengthen frameworks that can handle social media triggering such scandalous crimes.

Numerous mob lynching reports have shaken the country sporadically. The fact that a group of people can turn into mobs ignited by a fake WhatsApp message has put the government on back-foot. Rumors over cow smuggling and child trafficking leading to mob lynchings have forced the government to take action to prevent such crimes become an uncontrollable danger.