Marijuana: Maneka Gandhi Wants to Make it Legal, But…

Maneka Gandhi, Women and child development minister of the Govt of India has asked/ suggested that marijuana use be made legal, but only for medical purposes.


India, she wants, shall follow suite with many other countries who have done the same, like the United States, in order to reduce abuse through regulation.

At a meeting with ministers studying an upcoming policy on drugs, Gandhi said, “(in) Some of the developed countries like the US, marijuana has been legalised, which ultimately results in less drug abuse”.


“The possibility of the same may be explored in India,” she added according to PTI. As reported by Firstpost, Gandhi told PTI that “marijuana should be legalised for medical purposes, especially as it serves a purpose in cancer”.

Numerous scientific and research papers have been published over the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Activists who propose its complete legalisation have claimed that weed (another term for Marijuana) if became legal might affect the black market that makes billions off it and there’s a lobby that doesn’t want this to happen.

On the other hand, medical use of weed is highly acclaimed by medical fraternity as it has done wonders for numerous patients.

It was PM Modi who had told the Group of Ministers (GoM) to evaluate the draft policy for reducing drug abuse in the country. Referring to the national survey on drug abuse by the ministry of social justice with AIIMS, Maneka said children living in and around major railway stations be covered.

She also suggested checking the feasibility of setting up de-addiction centres near railway stations.On legalising drugs in the country, social justice and empowerment secretary G Latha Krishna Rao said “it may not be appropriate to legalise such drugs” w.r.t India’s population with low literacy rate and that its possibility could be explored in future.