Man whose daughter was rescued from COVID-19-hit Italy, lauds ‘father figure’ PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: The Indian government is receiving a lot of praise for the way it has tackled the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. From bringing the stranded citizens back home to setting up praiseworthy quarantine facilities and controlling the coronavirus pandemic’s spread within the country, the Indian government has won plaudits for having handled the situation extremely well.

A father, whose daughter – a student – was stranded in Milan, Italy while the country was observing a complete shutdown, has shared his emotional account of the repatriation of the girl, which is doing rounds on the social media.

Times Now got in touch with Sujay Kadam – the father of the student – from Mumbai, Maharashtra, who verified the story.

According to him, his daughter went to Italy, Milan on 4th February for her Master’s degree course but her college was closed down due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

‘Modi is like a second parent to my daughter’

‘Surprised by the prompt reply from Indian Embassy in Italy’
“On 28th February she (the daughter) said that everything is okay and signed the rent agreement for four months but on 10th of March everything (in Italy) – including the supermarkets closed down,” he said.

However, the situation worsened in the coming days. With the city under lockdown and the closure of supermarkets, a distraught Mr Kadam told his daughter to come back to India. However, by that time the Italian government was asking for certification from fliers and without that formality having met, Kadam’s daughter was denied the permission to fly back to India.

The distraught father sent an SOS mail to the Indian embassy in Italy on March 12, 2020.

Not expecting a swift response, he was surprised and overwhelmed when the Indian Embassy in Italy called him on the night of March 13, informing him that his daughter will be flying back to India on 14th.

‘Modi is like a second parent to my daughter’

‘Modi government is the second-parent to my daughter’
“Honestly, I used to blame the Indian government for many years. Sujay Kadam reminisced, saying that he finally found that the Indian government had acted as a father-figure in the time of crisis.

His daughter returned to India on 15th March and was kept in a quarantine facility at the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) hospital which has been readied and earmarked by the Indian government for the purpose ever since the coronavirus epidemic escalated. The elated father said that the government took care of everything, including the medication and food of all those who have been hosted at the facility – just as parents take care of their children.

The happy father thanked the Indian embassy staff, including the Air India crew and the ITBP hospital staff.

“I used to think I am the only father of my daughter but now I have found out that the Modi government is the second-parent to my daughter. Thanks to the PM… I will work for him voluntarily,” said Mr Sujay Kadam.

He also has advice for the stranded students and their parents: “Students and parents, please don’t panic. The Indian embassy is taking good care of all Indian citizens, just like they were their kids.”

Italy is fighting hard to contain the coronavirus outbreak after a sharp spike in the number of cases and deaths. Unfortunately, it is the worst-hit country outside of Asia and is also Europe’s worst-hit nation as far as the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in Wuhan (China) is concerned.

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