Lynching - Why Modi’s Anger Against Deaths Will Not Satisfy His Critics


India’s growth agenda under Modi is so robust and effective, that the media and the opposition had to make a topic, such as beef, the center-point of every debate, failing to target him over progress. Why shouldn’t they? They have to anyway establish their existence in the mainstream and their ‘power’ of making and breaking Governments.

When Modi expressed his discontent over lynchings by self proclaimed gau rakhshaks, it gave an opportunity to his critics to absorb a wave of success, thinking it all happened due to their pressure.

Voices of the De Facto

But, this will definitely not satisfy them at any cost. It just can’t because their voice is not that of the people, but their voice is propelled by the those who have de facto ruled this nation for over 60 years. Their ‘dissent’ carries the covert concerns of those who have been thrown out of power by Modi.

Imagine a man who has been struggling to bring India back on track so it can flourish from impediments to wholesome development and inclusive growth. Imagine a man who has, against the wave of populist schemes, took hard decisions to ban notes, to make aam aadmi stand in lines, only to give a head-start to Indian economy. Consider a man who has solely won state elections again and again for his party. What does this tell you?

It tells you that this man is a danger to the existing corridors of power. This man has given little space to maneuver to those who drive India’s elections riding on the back of caste and communal politics.

Lets not forget, hitherto Congress has divided India again and again, amidst every state and national elections. Communal and caste politics forms the backbone of the Indian National Congress. They have fed numerous media houses all these years that its hard to find one that does not support them. In case you think that this can’t be true, then here’s an example.

When the above incident happened, why wasn’t there any outrage. No its not just about one incident, its about numerous such incidents that have taken place across the nation. It would take another story, which i should do soon to show the dual faced media system and how their agenda driven journalism is responsible for the current state of national communal politics. But to give you more examples, here’s another piece that talks about how atrocities against Hindus is much higher.

The number of Muslims killed are negligible when compared to overall deaths of Hindus. Did you read or watch any debate on a national television, or did the very same journalist utter a word against this scenario?


Moreover, the shameless few of media circle, who rage debate on lynching, do so on allegations and without proof. As soon as an incident takes place, they start their cheer-leading and initiate a debate on social media and then on their TV shows and newspaper opinion pages.


They curate content, are highly interconnected with each other, and popularize their agenda. The sad part is, that they sit in offices of the most prime media organisations, which means they are powerful. But that’s not the problem.

Let’s accept it, Modern Hindus are out of touch with reality of their religion, their failure to understand their religion and their failure to get swayed away with opinions of such trend setters is responsible of the emerging have baked debates.

Modi + PM = Take Responsibility for Everything

The agendas are simple. Let’s create a communal environment where we can make believe everyone into thinking that every death that has taken place, Modi is responsible for it. Every accident that revolves Muslims, Dalits, lets just connect it to Modi and BJP.

Ever since the debate of been ban and lynching took off, opposition along with the ‘secular’ media has been demanding statements from the PM. Media has cleverly diverted every issue related to cow and lynching to Modi. They have coloured it with Modi’s politics, something similar that media had done after Godhra riots. They shamelessly connected the reactionary nature of the violence to Modi, who had, in presence of Digvijay Singh (Then CM of MP), slammed the neighboring Congress governments for not helping the state to curb violence.

Nevertheless, the point is, people have heard what Modi said in Ahmedabad and expect results, but the lynching incidents that have taken place are not driven by Modi and are independent incidents. They have been coloured with Modi and BJP for a reason.

Modi is the Prime Minister of this country, who has renounced all his material materialistic needs, only to make successful, India of his dreams and has been euphemistically doing so. If people tend to not get the agendas riding against his development wave, then its our failure.

Our failure of accepting word of mouth. The instigation of violence in Mandsaur, the polarization of communities by media and Congress alike to counter the present dispensation with something ‘concrete’ is everything but a problem power by the Center.

The race for 2019 elections kicked off right after Modi took charge of this country. The strategy is to brainwash the majority into believing that Modi will destroy the ‘secular’ fabric of this nation.

Its time we realise that we are not secular. This country has gone through a lot of religious atrocity that the majority and the minority cannot forget. Even today, large scale religious conversions are taking place across the country. Many Hindus are being killed and this is all happening without us, the common men, even noticing a thing about it.

So, to blame every hate crime on Modi, is a hate crime in itself, when one cannot identify the monstrosity being done on other religions.

Modi Is Changing the Dynamics

Frankly, we don’t love each other, forget religion, even as humans most Indian don’t like to see each other’s success. But under Modi, the arithmetic is possibly changing. We are looking at things holistically for the first time. We are all moving towards development. Today, the needs of the poor and lower income groups are being talked and discussed about. Yes, this has become mainstream and is being pushed away far away from just ‘political rhetoric’.

Imagine, it took 7 decades for this nation to create such massive awareness over girl child, LPG cylinders, environment protection, going back to traditional values, and so on. Why aren’t we talking about these aspects?!

Please think!

It’s true that common people hardly care or have any problems regarding existing poverty in this country. They themselves are so occupied with problems, that others hardly matter.

But there is a man we all can see today, he has given us hope to become the best person we can be, to do more with our lives, to struggle to achieve something good for ourselves and the society alike. It’s no rocket science to understand that just as your opponent doesn’t want you to succeed , we have Modi’s opposition who don’t want him to succeed.

And what does media have to do with that? Everything!

You know why?

Because this is how a populist media functions. This is how minds are brainwashed and this is how hatred is injected in our minds. Indians are being forced to hate Hinduism because all that is being portrayed is hatred, cows, lynchings and that’s it!

Don’t you think there’s something fishy here?


Identifying Journalists Backed by Left and Congress

You don’t need to dig much to identify a Congress or any other agenda backed media & ‘Journalists’. All you need to do is shuffle through their stories and evaluate the variety among them. I shall give you some examples, check out Twitter profiles of Rana Ayyub, Nikhil Wagle, Sagarika Ghose, and so on. More than 95% of their posts are about Muslims, BJP, Anti Hindu Sentiments, Hate Speech and ofcourse, Modi.

They earn their lifestyle and livelihood from being a full time media lobbyists. They are not journalists, they are your lie spreading cockroaches who have the capability to hide cleverly and disperse their political muck all around us.

It’s hilarious that these people would rather want Rahul Gandhi to lead the nation. For once imagine this nation without Modi. These same very journalists will have no issues with the Central government at all.

Go back and look at their journalism when Congress was in power. I don’t say every media organisation is lying, but today I can definitely see that some are actually pushing us in the dark. I have been a part of that society for some time and I can see today, it’s fault lines and where it leads us.

It would be for your own good, that you too realise it, before its too late.

Jai Hind!