Kerala floods: Temples open to Muslims & Muslim students clean flooded temples

Out of a million bad things that a disaster – natural or man made – brings for us people, there’s always a sense of unity (sort of a breeze) that it carries along with the blood soaking devastation. 

While people of Kerala are battling with the floods that have taken hundreds of lives, those alive are doing everything possible to collectively help as many people as possible. 

Amidst the havoc, unity among Hindus and Muslims has also caught attention among many other noble gestures from across the world. 

To say the least, the communal ‘division’ between the two did not prevent the either from lending a helping had to the other. In fact, other states too can take a lesson from the fact that workers of Wiqaya took initiatives in a massive clean-up drive in the temple.

Moreover, a dedicated team of Muslim students in the state voluntarily cleaned the Ayyappa temple at Kolpadam in Palakkad district.

“We have a dedicated 17-member team called Wiqaya who are all set to do any volunteer work to help the needy. They have been indulging in rescue and relief work across the state during the floods,” said Habeeb Faizy Kottopadam who was heading the relief work in Palakkad district.

The gesture wasn’t one sided though, since a temple in Thrissur district also showed an equivalent gesture by opening its doors for Muslims to offer Namaz since their mosque area was submerged in floods.

The Muslims were hunting or a place to conduct prayers and authorities of Purappillikkav Rakteswari temple allocated a hall attached to it where be converted into the venue for Muslims to offer prayers.