Kerala Floods and Politics: Busting Myth against Modi Government

Amit Dhanjal: Kerala experiences worst monsoon in nearly a century. Every single part of Kerala is affected by the floods. Situation is getting out of control with each passing hour. Army, Air force, Navy and NDRF is deployed in flood affected areas by the defense ministry. Even some private NGOs and local fishermen are also helping the state and its people. But still the situation is very bad in Kerala. Every Indian state is donating money and sending food and water according to the capabilities and budget of the state.

But here comes the sad part, Politics over flood. Its very sad that few highly dignified, self proclaimed intellectuals are taking this disaster as a chance to spread agenda and hatred. North vs South, Communists vs BJP and mostly hate for Modi.

It all started with a tweet of Sitaram Yechury.

Sitaram Yechury Kerala flood

According to him state suffered a loss of Rs 20000 Cr. but as we all know he is a great person(sarcasm) so he only asked for an immediate assistance of Rs 2000 Cr. I don’t know how he calculated all that but that’s a lot of money. At first center govt released only Rs. 100 Cr. But PM visited the state on 17th Aug and had a meeting with CM, Governor and other ministers of the state and after that center govt declared that an aid of 500 cr. will be given to the state. In addition to this Rs. 600 Cr from the center, almost every Indian state declared some amount and other relief will be provided to the state.

Then comes the opposition and some hate mongers of twitter and instead of appreciating the efforts of army and NDRF they started playing their dirty politics even at this time, when thousands of Keralaites are stranded and waiting for the help.

Rahul Gandhi on Kerala Floods

Mr. Rahul Gandhi wants it to be declared as a National Disaster.

Kerala floods tweet

This guy wants more more army personnel in Kerala because Kerala contributes to the economy by paying large all their taxes.

Kerala floods

Army, Navy, Air Force, NDRF, ITBP, Private NGOs all are present in Kerala but they are inviting Central govt even after they have declared Rs 600 Cr for the state.

Then comes the great Dhruv Rathee with his facts and lies.

Dhruv Rathee Kerala Floods

And this time with his friend of same ideology to support him.

Kerala flood tweet

Here is the answer to their lies

Kerala flood Relief stats

Now, let’s give some history lessons to these ignorant Keralites and intellectuals. There was a flood in 2013 in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand which was named as Himalayan Tsunami. 4200 villages were affected and more 5700 persons lost their lives and more than 4000 are still missing. Yes 5700+ persons died in that Tsunami. At that time the govt declared a total of 1000 Cr for the states. Other states and even UN helped Uttrakhand and Himchal but not a single penny from Kerala. Only Karnataka and Odisha donated 5–5 Crore each.

Kerala flood relief details

North Easters states like Assam, Nagaland face floods every year. Nagaland, Himachal and Uttrakhand faced floods in few districts of the state but still they donated to Kerala. But these ignorant Keralites are playing politics even at this time.

Some liberal journalists even started discussing about United South India. They are suggesting that south should not pay so much taxes to the center as center haven’t given them the money they requested.

Kerala flood relief data

Every Indian citizen is praying for the state and donating as much as possible. But these intellectuals even have problems with it. Online Wallets like Paytm and Tez are taking donations for Kerala which will be directly transferred to the CM relief fund. Mr. Vijay Shankar (CEO of Paytm) donated some amount of money and posted a screenshot to request others to donate dirctly through paytm. But its Paytm so its obvious that liberals will definitely have a problem with it.

Kerala Floods


Kerala flood details

Now here comes the actual story

Kerala Floods Modi government

Even at this time, their only purpose is to spread hatred and propaganda.

We can’t really understand these people but one thing is clear that they just wants to show BJP, Modi and anything related to Modi in that bad light.

May God provide physical and mental strength to the people of Kerala. They are not only fighting with nature, these hate mongers are already spreading propaganda to brainwash them and fill theirs heart with hate for Center and North.

PS : Before donating, remember your money is not reaching the poor and affected people of Kerala but you are giving your money to the CM of the state who spent money from disaster relief funds for his personal travels.

Jai Hind