Indian Army To Stop Promotions Of Overweight Soldiers Unless They Get Back In Shape

An Indian army officer’s annual confidential report (ACR) is now required to have two latest photographs of the officer. One photo is to be a side profile from head to toe and the other from the front. It should be from head to just above the knees.

indian army soldier drill exercise

This new norm is to ensure that none of the officers is carrying any extra weight, literally. For the last few years, the Army has been trying to get leaner and meaner. Sources have confirmed that now it is being far more serious on this than ever before.

In the past, foreign postings of the officers depended to a certain extent on their physical fitness. But now, sources claim, even promotions will take fitness as a criterion and overweight officers. They will have to get in shape for furthering their career.

“Fitness is extremely important in the armed forces and we have annual physical fitness tests to ensure that no one is lacking in this department. Measures are being taken to have a very fit Army,” an officer told TOI.

On being asked if this added pressure would get in the way of daily working, Col (retd) AK Sharma said, “There is bound to be slight added pressure because the officers’ promotions might be linked to their weight as well.”

The article was originally published on India Times