Pulwama Attack: Imran Khan’s Press Conference fails Miserably in Tackling the Actual Problem

When Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan came on TV to address a press conference, no one expected him to claim the responsibility for the Pulwama attack. That said, people across the border of Pakistan did expect him to condemn the heinous attack on the Indian security officials killing over 40 people and injuring dozens.

All said, none of it happened. Instead, Khan elaborated on how people in Pakistan were victims of terrorism. He went on to say that the war mongering happening across India, on Social and News Media, was not being unheard and added that if India attacks Pakistan then Pakistan will not sit through.

It must not surprise anyone that Imran Khan’s press conference did not address the rooting cause of terrorism flourishing in his country.

To hear Khan say that India should provide an evidence that connects Pakistan with the Pulwama attack, was an eye opener and rightly so for everyone who thought that Khan’s rise to the top would bring peace in Pakistan and eventually in India.

Khan requesting for evidence must refresh the history of terrorism that has taken place in our country. This request for evidence is not new since the same request by Pakistan was made post the Uri attack. The same was also done post the 26/11 terrorist attack, Parliament attack and so on.

So if anything has changed in Pakistan since independence, it is the face on the top seat, everything else has remained the same. Their intentions to destroy India still dominated their national and international policy.

Pakistan will remain the safe haven for terrorism until their leaders accept that it is so. The biggest evidence for the same is Hafiz Saeed on whom, the United States announced a bounty of 10 million dollars post the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Saeed is floruishing. He has a significant following in the country. And as far as the demand for evidence is concerned, India did give the evidence against Hafiz Saeed post 26/11 attacks. Did anything happen? No!

It must now come clear to all Indians, especially the likes of Navjot Singh Sidhu who consider Pakistan innocent and its leader Imran Khan as the torchbearer of peace, because evidently they are not.