Here’s why Award Wapsi was a bogus stunt

The Award Wapsi controversy: What was then the BJP leader called out a politically motivated stunt, has now been supported with ‘facts’ by the former Sahitya Akademi President Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari.

Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari on awad wapsi truth

Tiwari said that he has proof that so-called “award wapsi” movement in 2015 was a campaign propelled by Marxit writers and Hindi poet Ashok Vajpeyi to defame the Modi government during the Bihar assembly elections.

Tiwari has claimed that it was three group of writer that were responsible for the four-month campaign – those who hated Prime Minister Narendra Modi, friends of those trying to defame the government and a group of 25 writers seeking publicity.
“I have evidence to prove award wapsi was not spontaneous but an organised effort led by five writers, many of whom were holding anti-Modi sabhas even before he came to power,” wrote Tiwari, who headed the Akademi at the time. Vajpeyi, he alleged, started the movement “only because of personal reasons and hatred against Modi, the Akademi and Tiwari himself.”
He also published text messages and letters that he received from writers during that period that showed the Sahityakaars were being pressured by their peers who were forcing them to be a part of the ‘movement’.
“Liberty of individuals is the biggest strength we have in times like these. But it is also a dangerous weapon. There was significant intellectual dishonesty in the award wapsi campaign, which from the start was only to make a political point,” Tiwari wrote.
“They had a mental block in their minds against the Centre right from the beginning which they expressed as intolerance. In reality, it was their intolerance to the democratic mandate that was striking,” he said. 
While all this was going on, I was only worried about the dignity and honour of the institution which was being played around with,” he wrote talking about the time when he was heading the institution.
Tiwari spoke to Times Now amid the controversy and talked in detail about the intolerance debate.