GST: Here’s what has become cheaper after the council meet

On July 21, the GST council decided upon cutting down GST rated on 88 items. The list includes sanitary pads, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

The GST rates have been reduced keeping the middle income groups in mind.

Talking about the same, Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said, “Every state wanted that the rates on these items be lowered so that the middle income household are benefited… It has also been decided that the GST Council will rise above revenue consideration and focus more on job creation and economic growth.”

The amendments that shall come in affect from July 27 will cost the government Rs. 7,000 crore.

The most celebrated deduction has been that of sanitary napkins. They were taxed at 12% earlier and not have been exempted from all GST slabs.

Here’s the list of items based on changes made in the GST rates.

Slashed from 28% to 18%

Washing machine
Juicer/ Mixer
Electric Iron
Hair Dryers

Note: Many other items haven’t been mentioned

Slashed from 18% to 12%

Handbags – pouches and purses
Jewellery box
Wooden painting frame
Mirrors, etc
Art ware of cork
Handcrafted lamps
Aluminium art ware

Note: Many other items haven’t been mentioned

GST now at 5%

Footwear up-to Rs, 1000
Solid bio fuel pellets
Handloom dari
Handmade lace
Hand-woven tapestries
Knitted cap/topi under Rs. 1000

Note: Note: Many other items haven’t been mentioned

GST- 0%

Sanitary pads
Marbles, stone or wood deities
Raw material in brooms
Fortified milk
Saal leaves
Coir pit compost
Circulation and commemorative coins

Note: Many other items haven’t been mentioned

Some other important changes

GST on all leather items decreased to 18% from 28%

Special purpose vehicles will fall under 18% GST slab

Handicraft items to be taxed at 12%

GST on imported urea reduced to 5%