Govt Aims to Increase Income Eligibility for SCs to Tackle Unused Funds

With an aim to increase educational funding for the underprivileged, the Indian government is proposing to raise the bar on income eligibility for students belonging from SC backgrounds. This, so as to bring more students into the ambit of scholarship funds.


As of now, annual income of parents should not be over Rs. 4.5 lakh to avail scholarships under “Top Class Education Scheme”, but the government is proposing to push this up to Rs. 6 lakhs. These scholarships are provided to SC students which offers fees, books and other tools such as computers, etc.

Indian Express reported that the National Overseas Scholarship for SC students is Rs 6 lakh per annum and the government wants to give the students same benefits within India.

The government is examining the financial feasibility of this proposal since the figures of new category students would be multitudinous.

According to officials, this is in line with the plan to rationalise all scholarship schemes, that is, to make them even across all reserved categories. Parents’ annual income for SC students should not exceed Rs 2.5 lakh for a post-matric scholarship. Whereas only those OBC candidates whose parents earn below Rs 45,000 per annum are eligible.

Funds over Rs. 5000 cr have been unused for years and the upcoming proposal will help in clearing this hurdle in the longer run.