For all haters, here’s how Modi has changed India

There was a question posted on Quora (social media site) that asked – When and how will people learn that Narendra Modi is not what they think he is?

An elderly man gave a stunning reply that sheds light on how how Modi government’s policies have improved the lives of Indian citizens. 

The man – Venkataraman Mani responded with a beautiful answer from his personal experience and no propaganda. He said….

I am a retired guy with no government pension. During UPA regime, there was hyper inflation. Luckily I got my house while I was serving. My housing loan had an interest of 14% then in UPA rule. During the 10 years of UPA rule my house which was purchased at 16 lakhs had gone upto exceeding 1 crore. If I had not purchased the house I would have settled in a slum because of high inflation.

I had budgeted an expenditure based on prices prevailing in 1999, a monthy expenditure of Rs12500.

Now with Rs 12500 I can manage the expenses in the first week of the month. An expenditure of Rs 50000 is required for my living every month. This is the case with many senior citizen in the country. Mind you I was well employed. What will be the condition of a normal Indian?

If UPA had continued in power my expenses will exceed Rs 1 lakh per month with that 10 % inflation by 2025. All this money I will have to find from my savings

This is because of very high inflation during the UPA regime. High borrowing by government, heavy corruption, high fiscal deficit, to get vote all vote catching policies etc has ruined the country. This bad management of economy can be seen in the exchange rate depreciation of our currency during UPA regime

Now our fiscal deficit is under control, inflation is at reasonable level. One can see that exchange has not depreciated during Modi’s rule, clearly a signal that our economy is being managed well. Even one can get a housing loan at 8.5%

I expected Modi to be a more polarising figure. Even during his regime at Gujarat he has renovated mosques, no communal problem after 2002 at Gujarat, Muslim consider Gujarat the safer place for them, lowest poverty level for Muslims in Gujarat than other part of india, social indicators Muslims progressed well in Gujarat, Muslim businessmen are happy in Gujarat.

During the Congress rule there were major communal violence in Vadodara and military was brought. So the politics of congress lead to communal violence and the safety of people threatened

So I have realised that if I have to live honourably I need inflation to be low, if I am to be safe I need to live in a place without communal tension.

I realise that this cannot be given by Mamta Banerjee or the UPA , it is only Modi who can ensure this.



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