A story that PM Modi has mentioned many times.

Arulmozhi Saravanan, Mudra entrepreneur whose thermoflasks PMO ordered via GeM, meets PM in Madurai

In her letters to PM, She addresses PM Modi as her father. It is a story that the Prime Minister has mentioned many times.

Here is the whole story:

The story of a woman entrepreneur, who was trying to supplement her family income.

The Union Government launched the Mudra Yojana, for small entrepreneurs to get loans without collateral. She applied and obtained a Mudra Loan for her business – which was to supply simple goods and products to government offices.

She learnt of the Government e-Marketplace (GeM), and registered on it.

One day in 2017, browsing the GeM site, she noticed that the Prime Minister’s Office was interested in purchasing a few thermoflasks, which she could supply. She responded, and soon PMO confirmed the order. The flasks were supplied, and the payment made.

Technology had empowered Arulmozhi Saravanan, a small entrepreneur from Madurai, to notice a requirement that the Prime Minister’s Office had, match it against what she could supply, and complete the sale. She shared the story so far, with Modi, through a letter. Modi mentioned it on Mann Ki Baat in mid 2017.

Thereafter, by supplying products to various offices, her business grew.

Recently she wrote to the Prime Minister again, informing him of the updates in her business, and the transformation in her life.

She once used firewood for cooking. Now she uses a gas cylinder.

The turnover of her enterprise has crossed one crore rupees in the current financial year.

Soon, she plans to give up her cooking gas subsidy. Next on the agenda, will be a home loan.

And it all started with an order of 234 rupees on GeM !

She learnt that the PM would be visiting Madurai. She met him today.

Arulmozhi says that her experience using GeM makes her believe that it is a great platform for Government offices to save public money.

For her, GeM is now not just a means to a business. She describes it as a service to the nation.

She also says that doing business has become even easier after GST implementation.

From Mudra, to GeM to GST – Arulmozhi is just one illustration of how Government’s reforms are working on the ground, to ease the lives of people.