8-Year-Old explains Rahul Gandhi about Rahul Deal using Pencil Box

Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman has hailed a newfound ally’s efforts to explain to Rahul Gandhi the intricacies of the Rafale deal over which the Congress president has made repeated but highly superficial allegations of scam.

A video has gone viral on social media which shows an 8-year old girl tackling the core issue relating to the price of the Dassault Aviation-manufactured fighter.

Beginning her explanation, she picks up the first of two pencil boxes which is empty and says that it’s Rahul Gandhi’s Rafale fighter – indicating a base (non-weaponised) aircraft, quoting a price of Rs 720 crore. She then picks up the other pencil box, which is full of stationery. This is Modiji’s plane, she says, adding that it’s packed with advanced technology and weaponry, quoting its price as Rs 1600 crore.

“Rahul Gandhi isn’t understanding that one is a basic price and the other is a weaponised price”, she concludes.