2019 Elections: With no ‘Modi Wave’ Modi needs to be the wave

The 2019 general elections will be like non other. And definitely unlike the 2014 general election because Modi in people’s head, has come a long way.

How many Indians knew the story of the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi before he came into the lime light during the 2014 elections?

Not many! How many know him today?


What’s the difference?

The difference is the fact that the wave – known as the ‘Modi Wave’ that swept the entire south asian subcontinent was more about Congress’s failure to deliver a strong administration and less about Narendra Modi himself.

There are many reasons to why people voted for Modi, but the above stands as the base of all those reasons. But the same cannot be said today.

Today, Modi is known to all. People are not angry with Congress, so whoever shall vote for Modi in 2019 elections, will vote for what he has done in his tenure.

Which brings us to the fact that no ‘Modi Wave’ shall regain importance in the upcoming general elections. In-fact whether or not Modi shall win the general elections again, depends on the man himself becoming the wave.

What does that mean?

It means that Modi – the brand, that has come to be after his rise as the Prime Minister, will be the only reason that can bring him back to the seat.

There is no denying that Modi is still by far the most important and most beloved political leader in India today. From the internet, to the non-virtual world, the idea of Modi and India today has entered everyone’s subconscious, for good or for bad.

The good and the bad Modi

Just as people love him wholeheartedly, people also hate him equally, and that’s exactly how the world works. No one, not even Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara, among all others couldn’t remain immune to criticism and hatred.

The reasons can be innumerable, but the fact remains that Modi is the man India shall vote for or vote against. Though presumably, the evident bet is on him regaining his highest chair, but the biggest question is – can he repeat 2014?

Many would like to believe that he will. He is still the hope of the long-inherited self-compromising problems that Indians have – the fear of failure. Which is why they love to see Modi succeed.

An inspiration 

A man from extremely humble background, struggled his way to the top. The popular sentiment has it that he understands the issues that plague this country.

Modi, at the same time, has taken some altruistic policy and administrative decisions like the demonetization,  rolling out the GST among some others to instill the confidence in the people that Modi is not ‘as selfish as other politicians’ who crave for power.

So, Modi is the ray of hope for his ‘bhakts’ who need him as much as Modi needs them.

That said, love and fan-base isn’t enough to re-elect Modi with a comfortable majority, which is why – Modi needs to be the wave, the wave that shall adorn the success of his prime minister-ship and with the help of electoral arithmetic of Amit Shah, should revive the faith that people had in the Modi of 2014.